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Privacy Policy Statement


CTH Instruments Ltd. Is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information under its control of its customers, suppliers and employees and adhering to all legislative requirements with respect to protecting privacy. We recognize that maintaining the public's trust requires that we be transparent and accountable in how we treat the information that is shared with us.


Information is required in order to carry on business, verify your identity, open accounts, verify credit worthiness, identifying customer preferences, bidding and quoting processes, as well as providing benefits and payroll for our employees.


This must be done with full consent by the concerned individuals. This may be in oral or written format.

Consent may be withdrawn at any time. However, this may impact on whether business / employment may be able to be continued.


We have established and implemented a variety of security measures to properly manage and safeguard your personal information from loss, theft, and unauthorized access.

Only personal information is collected that is required to effect these issues. The collection of personal information shall be limited to that which is necessary for the purposes identified by the organization. Information shall be collected by fair and lawful means.


Personal information shall not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected except with the consent of the individual or as required by law. Personal information shall be retained only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes.


Personal information shall be as accurate and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used, to the best of CTH Instruments Ltd.'s knowledge.


Whether in electronic or paper-based format, CTH Instruments Ltd. maintains a strict security system to safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure or misuse. As well, when we no longer need your personal information, we take as much care to destroy it as we do when storing it.


CTH Instruments Ltd. has in place policies and procedures for the managing of personal information to maintain its confidentiality.

We do not share information given to us unless:

  • The information is required in a legal investigation.
  • An emergency threatens someone's well-being or life.
  • It is already publicly available.
  • The use is in an individual's interest and consent is not available at the moment.
  • To collect a debt the individual owes the company.
  • To comply with a subpoena, a warrant or an order made by the court or other body with appropriate jurisdiction.

Information may be disclosed by the company without an individual's knowledge of consent to a lawyer representing the company.


Upon request, an individual shall have access within a reasonable time frame to their personal information and shall be able to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and have it amended as appropriate. Access may be denied by CTH Instruments Ltd. if:

  • The identity of the requestor, or their right to access is in question.
  • Granting access would reveal confidential commercial information.
  • Doing so would reasonably be expected to threaten the life or security of another individual.
  • The information was collected for purposes related to the detection and prevention of fraud.
  • The information was generated in the course of a formal dispute resolution process.
  • The information would likely reveal personal information about another individual.


Should an individual wish to make a formal complaint regarding our privacy policies, contact should be made with our Privacy Officer at:

CTH Instruments Ltd.

10 Akerley Blvd., Suite 36

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1J4

See our Personal Information Request / Complaint Form.

If the complaint is justified, we will take the necessary steps to resolve the issue including amending our policies and practices.